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Deprecating Facebook Login

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When we started IETHUB, we used to have people sign in using their FB credentials using the ‘Log in with Facebook’ button. The idea was simple:

  • Alumni signs up with their FB login.
  • We automatically get a link to their FB public page.
  • The moderator looks at the FB page to make sure the profile looks legitimate and makes a decision to approve or reject the registration on IETHUB

This was working great until we hit two issues:

  • Many alumni said they don’t have Facebook accounts, so they can’t register!
  • Many alumni expressed privacy concerns using FB login.
    • Though the way we were using FB for login purposes only was safe, but there is an anti FB public sentiment that is difficult to quell.

The solution

We moved away from FB logins, gave an option to sign up using google login. Today we are completely retiring Facebook Logins!

But I used to log in using FB!!

If you used to access your IETHUB account using FB login before, your data and account are safe. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Log in using Google button. Select your name, class, dob and phone number
  • We’ll connect your existing IETHUB account with your new Google login
  • Simple and easy peasy!