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Our IET family members whom we lost to COVID-19

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COVID-19 continues to ravage the entire country and unfortunately some of our own friends and loved ones from IET have passed away.

With a very heavy heart, I am providing information on the people who left us. Please channel your condolences and support to the family members during this tough time.

  1. Ajay Gupta (1989)
  2. Om Prakash (CS-1991)
  3. Ram Surat (CE-1991)
  4. Chandra Bali (EE-1991)
  5. Sudhanshu Goyal (EC-1991)
  6. Avinash Pankaj (ME-1992)
  7. Soumya Srivastava (MCA-1993)
  8. Vijay Kumar Shukla (EE-2003)
  9. Ankur Balyan (EC-2006)
  10. Amit Verma (CE-2009)
  11. Sanchit Verma (MBA-2012)

Apart from the members above, we also lost Reena Goel (EC-1992) due to non covid complications.

Kindly let us know if you know details of any other alumni/staff who is not in this list. You can reply to this thread to add your information as a comment.

There are others who are battling with COVID-19 right now, please join this YAP room to be able to provide help and seek help.

We are also maintaining a list of resources for alumni to find help with respect to COVID-19. The page is here: COVID-19 resources for our IET family