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Formation of IETLAA and Alumni Meet 2009

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When 31 May and 1 June 2009
Where IET Campus, KGMU Scientific Convention Center
Attended by ~100 Alumni and students from various batches
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The Alumni Meet on 31st May was a rousing success. If attendance and enthusiasm is any indication, Alumni activities @IETL have a very bright future. The ‘first alumni’ that is '88 and '89 batches were specially felicitated. The '89 batch was present in the biggest number. There was sizeable representation from 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96 and many recent batches like 06, 07, 08 as well.

The weather had spread its own red carpet to the Alumni, as by 10:00am, the temperatures had stood down to 22degC from near 30s a couple of hours before. VC of UPTU, Prof Premvrat, flankd by Director Dr SK Srivatava, Dr B Kunwar, Prof RC Gupta, Sh SRP Sinha, Mrs Neelima Srivastava, Sh SP Tripathi, Prof VK Singh - the generous and indulging host - arrived at the Sprawling mansion like Scientific Convention Centre Auditorium on time at 9:00am. As most of the Alumni were arriving from out of town the very morning, they started trickling in by 9:30am. Initially, a streak of panic was visible in the Convergence’09 Team as it was a bit embarrassing to have the chief guest waiting. But By 10:30am, about 50 alumni alongwith families had filled up the auditorium.

The registration was carried out very professionally and swiftly, as soon as one was escorted to the desk. On registration the guests were handed over a kit which contained the schedule, a beautiful IET Key ring, a collaged college Photo and some stationery too. Turmeric tika was placed on the foreheads and a rose was presented to each Alumni by lovely juniors

The Inauguration speech by respected VC of UPTU Dr Prem Vrat also contained a stirring comment. He wondered why so far there had not been any alumni association of IETL. He also advised that Alumni as well as the Institute can do much better in creating environnment conducive to Alumni supported activities at the institute. He also expressed his pleasure at the planned formation of Alumni Association in the second session of the day. Dr SK Srivastava, Director IET, informed that the Institute had extended all cooperation in formation of the alumni association and in future also it would continue to cooperate. Dr RC Gupta HOD Mech expressed that happiness resides inside oneself and one need not look outside for the same.

After this all the guests and dignitaries were taken for the high tea at the lower floor, while alumni were still flocking in. By the time the sumptuous and tasty snacks were over, the house was full. The next session was the Sharing of remembrances by Alumni. Alumni were called up on the stage batchwise. They recalled the lives and times of IET when they were @IET. Professor VK singh also Chipped in at various instances with recollection of sweet/sweat moments. It was all open to public how the labs were set up, how the playground was prepared by a finest example of teacher student collaboration. How Prof Nirjhar would ‘snoop’ behind the Ganjing students and how he had mentored them to be what they are today. It seemed everyone had a story on Prof Nirjhar and Late Dr Jawahar Singh.

During this session, everyone present remembered the alumni like Late Sh Rajeev Sharma, Sandeep Kumar-II, Puneet Agrawal and others who had since embarked on their journey of beyond. The house rose in silence in a gesture of honor to the departed souls.

Most of Alumni expressed a very strong desire for having an alumni association.They were assured by the people in the know that in the second half of the day, their desire was going to be fulfilled. In between the Alumni interaction, a very mesmerizing rendition of songs like Maairee, Teri deewani with a fantastic accompaniment of Electric Guitar were done by the current students. It was a very remarkable display of talent that IET always boasted of. The Alumni like Mrs. Leena Kohli, Col RS Bhoomla, Mrs Parul Agarwal (Sangal), Mr Sanjay Yadav, Mr Vikas Gupta, and so many more multifacetedly talented alumni bore testimony.

After this Session, Alumni were taken to the Alma Mater where the messes were waiting with tasty food more than ever. The bus ride to college took us past the Lamboo ka dhaba which has changed its orientation since. Alumni were spread over the B block and C block messes. It was a some feeling to see the old chaps and the families on a luncheon in the boys hostel. I am yet to ask the feeling the old girls had when they sat in those messes for a late lunch with their batchmates. For the boys it was a dream come true, very late. Girls, what do you have to say?

The first morsel of custard triggered open a feeling of deja vu. The mini drafter, the after noon sessions at labs and workshops, the tuts, The short post lunch siestas those made one miss the classes…You name it… Custard had it all…

The staff that was there 20years back was thrilled to tears to see us. After the lunch was over, no wonder they were handsomely tipped by the alumni.

Then we were taken to the faculty building, wherein workshop and AS labs staff was waiting in full strength. They received us with so much affection that it was a goose bumps moment. It was as if one was visiting the old village of Nani after a gap of decades, where everyone bursts with joy seeing the kids with their own kids.

Unfortunately, rest of the rooms of the building had been closed as we reached late by an hour. We took a round of the whole places and then were taken to the LT11 where the students were eagerly waiting for us to share our experiences and answer their questions. A panel of 6 seniors convened by Mr Shashikant Katiyar, who had flown in from USA for this meet, answered the queries of the students most of which were concerned about the job scenario in these times of recession. Self employed alumni also assured them of support and promised to employ a certain number of students.

After this we bade a sentimental good-bye to the Institute, that was probably calling from behind ‘Na Jaa’ and rode in the bus for trip back to the science convention centre for rest of the activities. The bus trip was a memorable journey with Jawabi songs being sung with full force by teams of students and alumni lead by Col RS Bhoomla and Mrs Parul Sangal. What a melodious ruckus it was!

once we were back in the auditorium, the first item was the song by Mr Sandeep Asthana and Mr Mayank Pant who sand the duet Hans Ke bitayenge…Haal e dil ga ke sunayenge…Then Mr Sandeep Asthan also sang a beautiful and sentimental solo Dil ka soona saaz tarana dhondega…Mrs Parul Sangal sang the classic Hothon se choo lo tum. It was a pleasure to hear how melodiously they sang despite not being in any major musical action currently. A couple of other performances later, it was time for the Alumni Association formation. This session was to be anchored by Ms Maushmi.

IETL Alumni Association Formation

The Office bearers had been nominated by the team that had been working towards Association registration. The association had already been registered owing to untiring efforts of the alumni like Mrs Sunita Sharma, Mr Vinay Chandra, Mr. Ravi Agrawal, Mr Tanvir Tahir and a few more. The certificate of registration was presented to the interim President Mrs Sunita Sharma, who expressed her gratitude and hope that she would be able to meet the expectations.

Then Mr Sanjay Yadav carried out the ratification of the interim executive committee by clapping vote. The house ratified the interim EC with a rousing applause. The First EC is as below:

  • Mrs Sunita Sharma, President
  • Mrs Bandana Sinha, vice President
  • Mr Ravi Agrawal, Gen Secy
  • Mr Vinay Chandra, Secy
  • Mr Tanvir Tahir, Treasurer
  • Mr Rajeev Tivari, Secy
  • Mr Robin Lodhi, IIICSE, Placement cell rep
  • Mr Tarun Krishna Jindal, IIIChE, Placement cell rep

Copies of constitution & Bylaws of the association were also circulated among the alumni and they ratified it by signing on the attached sheets.

A noted dramatic personality of the place, Sh Pravir Chandra was awarded honorary membership as per the constitution. The website of the Alumni (now replaced by association developed by Mr Shivam Patel, Mr Sankalp Chugh and the team was inaugurated by respected Dr Bharati Dwivedi. Mr. Sankalp elaborated on the current and planned features of the website. Dr Bharati Dwivedi also gave her blessings to the association.

A unique feature of the association is the advisory committee which would take over during the elections and any interpretational crisis. Its constititution is as below, which was laso ratified by the General Body.

Advisory Committee
Mr. Shashikant Katiyar EC 1989
Mr. VPN Maurya EE 1990
Mr. Shivam Patel CSE 2006

Chapters and the office bearers for them were announced by Mr. Shashikant Katiyar. The details are as below:
NCR Chapter:
Chairperson : Ms. Amita Arya EC '91
Secretary: Mr. Sanjay Yadav EC '92
Mumbai Chapter :
Chairperson: Mr. Vipul Srivastava CE '91
Bangalore Chapter :
Chairperson: Mrs. Bandana Sinha CSE '89
Secretary: Mr. Vikas Pandey CSE '03
USA Chapter :
Chairperson: Mr. Shashikant Katiyar CSE '89
UK Chapter :
Chairperson: Mr. Gunjan Ghai EE '95

At the end of the first GB meeting of the IETLAA , a very meticulous and emotional vote of thanks was proposed by Mr Amit Ranjan Chitranshi.

With this, the much awaited, sought, debated and discussed IET Lucknow Alumni association came into a full-fledged existence. A meeting of EC was held on 01.06.09 whose minutes would be shared separately. Mrs Bandana Sinha acknowledged the efforts put in by Mr. Amit Ranjan Chitranshi in this activity of IETLAA formation.

After this mementos were presented to the alumni by director sir and other esteemed faculty members. The function in auditorium came to a close with a stunning collage of images from IET life, putting on display a plethora of emotions, set to a hear wrenching song, Ham rahen ya na rahen yad ayenge ye pal. We all remembered people like Rajeev Sharma while this played. Then the college anthem Na Jaa was played to applause of the house.

Afterwards alumni and faculty members joined for a lavish dinner laid on the lawns of the convention centre. The party continued till late hours and was a fitting curtains to an affair to remember.

The snow ball will only grow bigger as it has already started rolling. You can help and join this movement by registering at the IET alumni site and telling the alumni in your touch also to do so.