Public Pages

Public pages are specific posts from our otherwise private Discourse Forums that are available without logging into the website. These are public blogs, announcements and articles that can be shared with the non IET alumni community.


These are announcements, mostly reserved for this association’s official announcements. Please do not use this category for trivial posting or personal announcements!


Wiki category has ad-hoc articles and documentation that does not qualify as a announcement. Please note that all topics in the wiki category will be visible as public pages on internet - available to people who are not logged into the website.

Alumni Suggesstions, Ideas and Feedback

This is a place for Alumni to voice their ideas, suggestions about new initiatives alumni should take. You can open up a new ‘Topic’ to lay out a thought and then others can provide feedback. Once any idea reaches a critical mass, we can urge the Executive Committee to consider if its something they can help with.

Students' Space

<strong>Students’ Space</strong> category is only available to the current students of IET. Any topics posted in here are <strong>not</strong> visible to Alumni. Why? Because students should have their exclusive अड्डा

Alumni Speak

This category announces the next Alumni Speak session. All alumni speak sessions should be listed as a separate topic here so that all current students are aware.

Stories of IET

This is the place for individual blogs and stories. Get your creative juices flowing and write something that is interesting or informative to alumni and students.