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Introducing the Discourse App for IET's forums

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When it came to decide the forum software for IET’s alumni affairs, we went for the best forum software that exists as of today, even though it meant we will have to pay a steep price for it. We are now fully integrated with discourse and I’d urge our alumni and student community to get the most out of these forums, including the discourse app that now supports IET forums.

In order to install the app, please follow the instructions below. I hope this will help us to become more connected with the IET family.

1. Download the app

2. Click “Add your first site”

3. Enter “” into the site field

4. Press “connect” and complete the login process

Please use the login method that you used to register at initially.

5. Authorize the discourse app to iethub’s forums

6. You are all set, the goodness of forums is at your fingertips!