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Welcoming class of 2020 to the ‘Alumni’ bandwagon

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Class of 2020 is considered as “Alumni” starting today. (source: Registration Matrix )

Usually this happens automatically on 1st July every year. This is the first year ever since we are running IETLAA we had to put in a software control to delay the advancement. These are unusual time. What this batch had to face during its final semester is unprecedented.

Students left the college in March, knowing little that they’ll not be back again. Not knowing that they’ll not have an opportunity to bid farewells to their friends. I bet many of the students came back this week to appear in exams, not only for the exams but for the opportunity to say goodbyes before the uncertainty looms over again.

This is also a class of strong character. I’ve spoken to many of you over the past couple of weeks and I see the resiliency and spirit. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. You totally demonstrate this.

We welcome the class of 2020 to this side of the line. We are here to help you as you begin a new and beautiful journey. Don’t ever hesitate to reach out!!