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Minutes of Meeting - Enhancements to site proposed by TPC representatives

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  1. Shivam Patel sir along with 5 of TPC’s representatives had a virtual meeting on Saturday (22-08-2020).

  2. The main objective of this meet was to improve alumni connection with IET in terms of creating/sharing job/internship opportunities.

  3. Taking the previous 3-4 years as an example, just a handful of our alumni helped TPC in adding new companies to the list of our annual recruiters. This institute, having such a vast and diverse alumni base, has tremendous potential and it can alter this trend in a very short span of time. What we need is a start!

  4. In order to improve the existing scenario and to start a chain reaction with regards to this topic, we discussed introducing gratitude/recognition points (KARMA points for instance) for our alumni, when such a deed (helping the institute in terms of placements) is carried out. For example - The helping hand will be rewarded with x KARMA points.

  5. Along with the expected alumni’s efforts in this direction, TPC will be working on another initiative. Traditionally, at the beginning of every placement session, we send our recruiters a formal invitation mail for campus placements. Along the line, we will be sending a similar invite mail to our alumni (having a google form perhaps) as well. The ones capable to help the institute with its placements (in any way possible) can revert to that message accordingly.

  6. The next meet is scheduled 3 weeks later

A word from our side - When we talk about bringing a change in any institute or creating a healthy atmosphere for its students, its placement scenario turns out to be the most crucial aspect. Although this will be a tiny step toward the destination we all aspire to reach one day; a small effort from each one of us can create substantial changes and give IET-Lucknow the name and status it deserves…

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