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I am an undergraduate Information Technology 2022 student and looking for the role of SDE Intern. Currently concentrating on Data Structures and Algorithms to achieve my long term goal. Meanwhile exploring and learning significant development tools and implementing them into mini-projects.


Bachelor of Technology, Information Technology July 2022
(Institute of Engineering and Technology, AKTU, Lucknow)

Academic Projects

1-Task Manager API - A task manager back-end API made in Node.js to record all To-do tasks of multiple users. - Contains a secure login and authentication, timestamp, profile picture uploading, and emailed notifications. - Tech Used: Node.js | MongoDb | Express.js | Multer | Postman | JWT

2-Weather Application - Weather forecast application made with Node.js and Express.js server hosting. - Used Mapbox API and Weatherstack API for geolocation and weather data respectively. - Tech Used: HTML | CSS | Node.js | Express.js | Handlebars


Programming Languages: C, C++, Python, JavaScript
Frameworks: BootStrap, Node.js, Express.js
Engineering Tools: Git