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I am an undergraduate Computer Science & Engineering 2020 student from an institute of national repute of India. I have a profound experience in multiple confines of computer science including Competitive Coding, Object-Oriented Designs, Data Structures, and Algorithms.


Bachelor of Technology, Computer Science Engineering July 2020
(Institute of Engineering and Technology, AKTU, Lucknow)

Academic Projects

● DocCom - A Doctor’s Community ➢ Build a web-based discussion forum for Doctors in CODE19 Hackathon(Motwani Jadeja Foundation) conducted on Hackerearth. ➢ Created Rest APIs for registration, threads, and post on the forum. ➢ Tech: Python | Django | REST ● Spoj Submissions Recovery (WEB SCRAPING | CRAWLING) ➢ Created a Python API which takes SPOJ user’s login credentials and extracts all successfully submitted codes of the user in a folder. ➢ Tech: Python | Beautiful Soup | Selenium


Programming Languages: C++, Javascript, Python
Frameworks: Node, React, Django