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I am highly enthusiastic about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. I want to learn and acquire skills that can shape me as a valued professional in this field.


Bachelor of Technology, Electronics & Communication Engineering July 2022
(Institute of Engineering and Technology, AKTU, Lucknow)

Academic Projects

PWM calculator : Devoloped a PWM technique based calculator and implemented it on PIC 32 bit

Flower classification : Designed and implemented an algorithm to classify various type of flowers using Neural Network. Tools and frameworks : Python, Tensorflow

Object detection : Implemented faster- RCNN to detect objects Tools and framework : Python, Tensorflow Features: A model which can classify various objects in picture and can bound them into boundibg box with accuracy level.

Image segmentation : Implemented Mask-RCNN to make segmentation in image. Tools and framework : Python , Tensorflow


Programming Languages: C/ Python
Frameworks: Tensorflow, Keras, Caffe
Engineering Tools: MATLAB, Docker, PyQt