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I am currently working in Brimo Software Pvt Limited as a software developer. I am working on django framework. I have good knowledge of Data Structures and Algorithm . I have been active on Leetcode and GFG for more than 2 years and solved more than 1000+ problems on various programming platforms like Codeforces, Codechef, GFG and Leetcode. My proficient programming language is C++/Python. I have also knowledge of DBMS, SQL and MongoDb and OOPs concepts.


Bachelor of Technology, Computer Science Engineering July 2023
(Institute of Engineering and Technology, AKTU, Lucknow)


Backend Developer Intern **BRIMO SOFTWARE PVT LIMITED ** Aug 2023 – Present

Designing and developing scalable backend solutions to support the company’s software applications. Developed a high-performance loyalty plugin at Brimo Software, deployable across multiple clients’ Shopify stores using a unified codebase and database infrastructure. In Fast Loyalty, specialized in API development for cashback coupon and customer wallet management. Techs – Python, Django, Graph QL, PostgreSQL, Docker.

Extra Curriculars

Engaged in educational outreach with Parmarth Social Club at IET Lucknow, offering academic aid to underprivileged students in local slum areas up to 8th grade. I have a strong passion for cricket, both as a player and spectator


Programming Languages: C/C++ , Python , JavaScript
Frameworks: Django , Nodejs , Express
Engineering Tools: HTML5, CSS3, JS, Nodejs, Express, Django, Bootstrap, MongoDB
Others: : Data Structures and Algorithms, Problem solving, OOPS, SQL, DBMS, Teamwork, Communication, Adaptability