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IETLAA Constitution and By-Laws

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IET Lucknow Alumni Association Constitution & By-laws


The Society shall be called as “IET Lucknow Alumni Association” (hereafter
referred to as the “Association”) and shall represent the association of Alumni of
the Institute of Engineering and Technology, Sitapur Road, Lucknow (Henceforth
referred to as the “Alumni”).


The Registered office of the Association shall be located at the Institute of
Engineering and Technology, Sitapur Road, Lucknow-226021 (Henceforth
referred to as the “Institute”).


  • To establish and promote the spirit of brotherhood and esprit de corps
    amongst the alumni and students/faculty/other staff of the Institute
  • To assist the Institute in building and evolving a vision for itself and aid the
    Institute in meeting its objectives
  • To build a membership database, list (in both electronic form and otherwise)
    for establishing and promoting communication amongst the alumni, within the
    alumni association and from alumni to the association and the institute
  • To collect, expend and disburse funds to support educational programs at the
    Institute and at such places as deemed appropriate by the association,
    establishment of faculty and student exchange programs, sponsoring lectures
    and debates, providing fellowships and scholarships and supporting other
    such activities as to build, enrich and sustain academic, cultural, scientific and
    literary heritage of the Institute
  • To foster contact between the Institute and industry, R & D organizations,
    other academic Institutions in India and abroad for assisting summer
    trainings, placements, curriculum delivery, pre-placement guidance, technical
    mentoring, project work facilitation etc for the students
  • To undertake and promote technology and management consultancy,
    technology transfer, publication of scientific and technical literature and other
    similar activities in conjunction with the Institute
  • To promote and execute scientific and industrial research amongst the alumni
    by utilizing the available infrastructure facilities at the Institute
  • To help alumni achieve their professional goals
  • To help its members access library, laboratories, computational facilities and
    other similar facilities existing at the Institute and also creating and enhancing
    them at the Institute
  • To mobilize resources for supporting and fulfilling the aims and objective of
    the association.
  • To promote activities that are essential to the holistic personality development
    and which may receive less attention during regular curriculum, not as a
    pastime alone but as an opportunity of alternate profession and expertise
  • To further such objectives as the General body may decide from time to time


The Association will have following categories of Membership:

1 Patron : The Director of the Institute shall be the ex-officio Patron of the Association.
2 Members :

  • Regular members : (hereafter referred to as members):
    • those, who have received degree(s) awarded by the Institute, herein referred to as the Alumni,
    • students who are Training & Placement Cell representative of the students and
    • ex-faculty members who have served the Institute for at least two years

shall be eligible to be members of the Association; and

  • Honorary members : those
    • who are past directors of the Institute and
    • who are eminent personalities honored by the Institute

shall be the Honorary Members of the Association. In addition, the
Association can also confer Honorary Membership to persons of eminence
who have not received any degree from the Institute but have contributed
immensely or have shown a keen interest for development of the Institute.

b) Star Members would be identified as members with significant contribution to the objectives of the association and would be valid for 2 years.
c) In the case of death of a member, his/her membership will cease and opportunity would be given to the spouse to become a member.
d) Termination of membership can be effected by the Executive Committee by
two third majority in the event of :
a. Acts of misconduct by the member provided that
(i) the termination will be subject to clearance by the advisory committee
by simple majority within a month of the case being referred to the
advisory committee by the executive committee, and
(ii) also that Executive Committee shall give the member a reasonable
opportunity of being heard and his/her explanation will be taken in writing and the reason for rejection thereof will be duly recorded and
then sent to the advisory committee for final clearance of termination of

b. Non-payment of fees for a period of more than 1 year or the next
Annual General Body Meeting, whichever is earlier, when no extension
is sought and allowed by the executive committee, provided that
Executive Committee shall also give the member a reasonable
opportunity of being heard and his/her explanation will be taken in
writing and the reason for rejection thereof will be duly recorded.


The association shall have the following organization:


The Association shall function through its Executive Committee which shall
comprise of following members:
a) One President
b) One Vice-President
c) One General Secretary
d) Two Secretaries
e) One Treasurer
f) The training & placement cell representative(s) of students (without voting rights).

All the members of the Executive Committee except for the student
representative (as given in (f) above) shall be elected once in every two years by
the general body members. The procedures for the same shall be included in the
by laws.

The tenure of individual members of EC shall be concurrent with the tenure of the
EC they serve.


The General Body shall consist of all the members and patron of the association.


Regional offices (chapters) of the Association, as decided by the Executive
Committee may be set up in cities, towns outside Lucknow and places outside
India where there is sufficient concentration of the members of the Association. A
convener may be nominated by the Executive Committee to set up the Chapter
and hold Election locally for the Chairman and Secretary of the chapter who will
administer the chapter with tenure of three years.


The Office Bearers of the Executive Committee may be impeached by the
Executive Committee as per the procedures laid down in the Bye-laws.


The Constitution as well as the Bye-laws is amendable and the procedures for
the same would be separate.


a) The General Secretary shall represent the Association in all legal matters.
b) All disputes are subject to Lucknow jurisdiction.


No office bearer or individual shall be empowered to dissolve the Association by
whatsoever means. In the event of dissolution of the Association, its assets will
be disposed off as per provision of the Society Registration Act as amended from
time to time.


The entire Executive Committee can be recalled by the General Body by a two
third majority as per the procedures laid down in the Byelaws.


All office holders of the association shall have the option to resign, before the
tenure of the office expires, with following provisions:
(i) Members of the Executive Committee shall submit their resignation to
the President who shall be bound to inform the General Body of such a
(ii) In the event of receiving such a resignation the President may:
a. accept the resignation, or
b. ask the office holder to reconsider the decision to resign, allowing a
maximum of 14 days for the same.
c. If there is no reply within the period given or if the reply reiterates
the desire to resign, the resignation shall be deemed to have
effected and final,
provided that the President has to inform the General Body as to the
fact of receiving a resignation, the reasons if any are cited for it, and if
reconsideration has been allowed.
(iii) In the period allotted for reconsideration or any reasonable intervening
period between the tendering of the resignation and its acceptance, the
said office holder shall not be entitled to his office or its attendant
responsibilities or privileges.
(iv) Once the resignation is effected, the Executive Committee shall inform
the Advisory Committee of the vacancy and shall prepare for election
for the relevant post/posts, provided that no elections shall be held for
the vacancies generated out of resignation(s) if less than 6 months
remain in the tenure of the EC.
(iv) If the President wishes to resign, the resignation shall be tendered to
the Vice President, who shall, acting as the President, follow the same
provisions mutatis mutandis.
(v) In case the entire Executive committee wishes to resign, such
resignations shall be tendered to the Advisory Committee. In such a
case the advisory committee shall take on the role of Election
Commission and shall ensure that elections are held to elect new
Executive Committee within the stipulated time.
(vi) In the interim period, the Advisory Committee shall serve as the ad hoc
Executive Committee for a period not exceeding three months and not
extendable without prior ratification of the General body under
exceptional circumstances which prevent an election.


A. Function:
The Advisory Committee will be a three member body that shall adjudicate on
matters of interpretation of provisions herein incorporated, should a reference be
made to it, either by members whose number should not be less than one tenth
of the membership of the association or by the Executive Committee. The
Advisory Commission is placed to serve as an expert group which comes into
action only at times of such situations wherein interpretational crises has arisen
or for a situation that the constitution (including its bylaws) has made no provision
or at times of elections whereupon the Advisory Committee will serve as an
Election Commission.

B. Composition:
The Advisory Committee shall be a three member body, whose
(i) one member shall be an alumnus who has passed out not less than 15
years ago from the Institute on the date of nomination,
(ii) second member shall be an alumnus who has passed out not less than
10 years ago from the Institute on the date of nomination, and
(iii) third member may be any alumnus as defined under this constitution.

C. Working:
The decisions of Advisory Committee may be carried out by simple majority and
in matters of administration and protocol, the first member shall be considered
first among equals. Whenever a reference is made to the Advisory Commission
in its capacity as an adjudicator and if its decision on the reference is not
unanimous, the individual opinions/decisions of each member will be produced in
writing before the General Body.

D. Formation and Tenure:
(i) The Advisory Commission shall be constituted by General Body
through elections in ways outlined in the bye-laws.
(ii) The tenure of the Advisory Committee will be four years.
(iii) The provisions for intermediate resignation shall apply in the same way
except that the resignation may be tendered to the next in hierarchy
within the Advisory Committee.
(iv) The Advisory Committee shall hold elections to such a vacancy
created within a month from the date of such a vacancy being created
unless less than six months remain in its tenure.
(v) The tenure of individual members shall be concurrent with the tenure
of the Advisory Committee.



a) For active membership in the Association, the eligible members are
required to fill an online registration form which is available at the Alumni
Website After the due identification & realization of
membership fees, the members would be given a unique Membership
b) The membership fees would be Rs. 500/- for Annual Membership and Rs.
5000/- for Life Membership. The membership fee for student
representatives and Honorary Members shall remain exempted.
c) Suspension/Termination of the membership can be affected by the
Executive Committee by two-third majority in the event of misconduct by
any member, after affording him/her an opportunity to explain the reasons
of his conduct within the prescribed time limit.
e) A member can voluntarily surrender his membership by requesting the
Executive Committee. No fee refund would be applicable in such case.



a) preside over all meetings of the General Body and Executive
b) call emergent meetings of the Executive Committee or the General
Body on receiving representations from the members as per the
necessary quorum
c) may cast second vote in case of tie
d) sign together with the General Secretary all the documents
executed on the behalf of the Association
e) be overall in charge and responsible for the working of the
Association and see it that the decisions of the general body,
Executive Committee are carried out and the Constitution & extant
By Laws of the association are followed.
f) issue statements and press release on behalf of the association.


a) act on behalf of the President during his absence.
b) Take other assignments as decided by the executive committee.


a) execute all the decisions of the Executive Committee and the
General Body and conduct day to day business of the Association.
b) Maintain all the records of the association and keep the minutes of
the all the meetings. Convene the ordinary meetings in accordance
with the constitution.
c) Represent the Association at various bodies of the Institute.
d) hold such imprest money, as sanctioned by the Executive
e) prepare annual report of the association, which after the approval of
the Executive Committee shall be presented before the General
Body at the Convention.
f) issue statements and press release on behalf of the Association.
g) coordinate with the Regional Chapters of the society and exercise
all administrative and financial powers with the approval of the
President, which are assigned to him by the General Body and the
various Committees of the Association.

4. SECRETARY shall,

a) shall assist the General Secretary and work under his direction.
b) the senior Secretary shall act on behalf of the General Secretary
during his absence. Seniority will be decided by batch amongst
Alumni and by age for others.

5. TREASURER shall,

a) be the custodian of the funds of the Association, maintain accounts,
get them audited and prepare the annual balance sheet.
b) realize the annual subscription from the Members/ Unit and will
issue a receipt for the same.
c) sign all the Negotiation Instruments along with the General
Secretary on the behalf of the Association.
d) Provide advance to the General Secretary or the other office
bearers an amount admissible to them as per sanction of the
Executive Committee.
e) Make all the payments over Rs. 500/- through crossed cheques
f) present statement of income and expenditure of the Association
every 6 months for approval.
g) prepare the balance sheet and have the same audited by the
approved auditors and shall place them at the Annual General Meet
after approval by the Executive Committee.
h) Jointly operate the bank account of the association along with the
President/ General Secretary.
i) prepare the budget for the year and present it the Annual General
Meeting of the Association for the current year.


a) be the administrative head for all the functions relating to the
society in his chapter in close coordination with the President and General Secretary of the Association.


a) assist the Chapter Chairman in all the activities of the chapter.



  1. Executive Committee
    All the Executive Authority of the Association shall vest in the Executive
    Committee, which shall be responsible to the General Body and shall:

a) prepare annual budget and present before the General Body for
ratification and to operate funds of the Association.
b) frame, amend or alter the By Laws necessary for the proper
functioning of the Association in conformity with the Constitution
subject to the ratification by the General Body.
c) Fix the membership fee structure from time to time
d) Organize functions and events of the Association.
e) present statement of income and expenditure every 6 months for
approval of the members of the Executive Committee.
f) appoint auditor to check the account for the association.
g) appoint employees as and when necessary, fix their
salary/honorarium, initiate disciplinary action against employee as
and when required.
h) meet at least once in 6 months. 30 days notice be required for the
ordinary meeting. The President can convene emergent meetings
on the 24 hours notice.
i) have powers to co-opt more members, from among the members
of the association, if deemed necessary, and appoint sub-
committees to transact specified business. Co-opted members will
also be eligible for membership of such sub-committees.


The General Body shall comprise of patron and members (all the members)
and shall be supreme in all matters relating to the Association and shall

a) carry out the aims and objects of the Association and to lay down
it’s policy.
b) elect the office bearers of Executive Committee.
c) approve the annual account and pass the budget.
d) amend the constitution.


The election of the office bearers of the Association shall be held on a one
month’s notice.

a) Elections will be held under the supervision of the Advisory
Committee, which shall be responsible for the proper conduct of the
b) The date and time of the election will be decided by the Advisory
Committee only.
c) Normally there will be electronic voting on the alumni website and the voter should be registered with an active
Membership Number.
d) The outgoing officer bearers should continue to hold their office till
the results of the fresh elections are officially announced.
e) The members of the outgoing Executive Committee will handover
the charge of their respective posts including the documents,
material and goods including money belonging to the Association in
their possession within 15 days of the declaration of election
results, to the newly elected office bearers of the Association.

    a) The Annual General Body Meeting (AGBM) of the Association shall
    be held every year on the date specified by the Executive
    Committee. Unless otherwise decided by the Executive Committee,
    the AGBM of the Association shall be held in the Institute. The date
    and time of the Annual General Body Meeting of the Association
    shall be notified by the President.
    b) For the purpose of taking the opinion of the General Body on
    specific issues, the President may also convene special meetings
    of the General Body. Special meetings of the General Body may
    also be requisitioned by a member of the General Body provided
    that such a request has the support of at least 10 other members
    and the request has been made at least 60 days in advance of the
    proposed date of the special General Body meeting. The business
    of special meeting shall be confined to the specific matter(s) for
    which it has been called and no other matters shall become
    admissible for the discussion.
    c) The venue for holding special General Body meetings shall be
    decided by the Executive Committee. The mode of convening
    special general body meeting would be so as to allow members
    present in the meeting to express their views clearly.
    a) Executive Committee can bring amendment in the By Laws of the
    Association in conformity with the Constitution subject to the
    ratification by the General Body within 1 year and before the end of
    the term of the Executive Committee.
    b) General Body can amend the constitution with 2/3 rd majority.
    a) For the General Body will be 1/10th or 30 whichever is lower.
    b) For the Executive Committee 1/3rd of total numbers of their
    respective members.
    c) In case a meeting is reconvened for want of Quorum, the Quorum
    restriction will not apply.
  4. TERM
    a) the term of the members of the Executive Committee shall
    ordinarily be TWO YEARS
    b) However, the members of the Executive Committee shall continue
    to hold their office until next election.
    The Executive Committee may delegate any of its functions to the President
    or any other member of the Association


a) The accounts of the association will be maintained in a recognized
bank and will be operated jointly by the Treasurer and the General
Secretary only through cheques.
b) In absence of either of these two, the President will be one of the
operators of the account.
c) The annual account (Income and Expenditure) will be audited by an
approved auditor.

  1. YEAR
    The year of the association for all purposes be the financial year (i.e. from
    April 1st to March 31st)


a) If any of the office bearer abstains from three consecutive
meetings/programmes of the association without informing either
the President or General Secretary he/she may be impeached by
the Executive Committee by majority after affording him/her an
opportunity to explain the reasons of absence within the prescribed
time limit.
b) The Executive Committee can impeach any of his member for any
misconduct after affording him/her an opportunity to explain the
reasons of absence within the prescribed time limit.


Any point not covered by these rules and regulations shall be decided by the
General Body. If necessary, a special meeting of the General Body could be
called for the purpose.